How Computerized Physician Order Entry Can Improve Efficiencies

Physicians have traditionally relied on relaying medical orders through paper, verbal, telephone or fax methods. CPOE, also called computerized physician order entry systems, are designed to streamline these processes with electronic medical orders.

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What Challenges Can a Computerized Physician Order Entry System Solve?

In the healthcare sector, efficiency and accuracy are critical. Every minute spent correcting errors, looking for information or trying to read manual entries takes time away from improving patient care. While the world has stepped into the digital age, healthcare systems are still trailing behind. Enacting digital transformation in healthcare can lead to improved productivity,

Integration helps healthcare data be more useful

Improving Healthcare Outcomes With Happe-Analytics

Quality reporting tools like Happe-Analytics allow healthcare providers to collect data in a standardized format for analysis and process improvement. Providers use such tools to gain insights into their current practices and shape future decision-making and quality benchmarks. What is Happe-Analytics Used For? Happe-Analytics software lets you track and measure specified quality outcomes, giving insights

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Securing Healthcare Data: Be Prepared in Case of a Disaster

Healthcare facilities provide necessary treatments to patients that rely on stored data. Healthcare disaster preparedness is essential to ensure you can continue to access the information you need to treat patients and continue your operations as usual. Taking steps to prepare your healthcare facility in case of a disaster can help you reduce downtime while