CASE STUDY: Advanced Radiology


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Twila Gibson began working with Tangible Solutions ten years ago and immediately liked the way they did things. The Tangible team soon became so invaluable to her that when she started her own company to manage billing for Advanced Radiology in Jackson, Tenn. she never even considered using anyone else. 

Today, her relationship with Tangible has become even more indispensable. “I don’t consider myself a client who has a contract with them. I see them as a partner,” Gibson said. “I feel like they are right in the office with me. They truly take care of my business, so they understand my business.”

Gibson believes there are a number of reasons why her partnership with Tangible works so well. They have the kind of in-depth knowledge that comes from first-hand experience working directly for medical practices. They are also able to “look at the whole picture” from a technology perspective, and they offer great teamwork and support continuity.

Workflow knowledge and understanding

“Julie and Kelley have worked in medical practices themselves,” Gibson said, “so they are extremely knowledgeable about the nuts and bolts of how practices are run, and the challenges we face. At Advanced Radiology, we only do interpretations — we don’t see patients. But it is still extremely valuable to get your billing support from people who understand patient-centered processes that range from scheduling and registration to charting, coding and billing.

“There are so many companies that specialize or compartmentalize what they offer. Typically, you find one company that will help you with demographics, remit posting or the charge entry. Another will do some other single piece of the process such as collections, clearing house oversight or IT. That’s a waste of time for me. Tangible pulls everything together. They understand it all, right down to applying coding rules to make billing work. I don’t know anybody else who does that. Unlike other software companies that can tell me how their system works, Tangible knows how to apply IT to get the best results. They’ve taken time to truly understand the practice of radiology.”

Two-way responsiveness

Gibson said her long relationship with Tangible has made communication flow well. When she has an issue, she makes sure they know if it’s urgent or not. She likens the give-and-take to emergency room triage. “When I have an urgent matter, I want to be at the top of their list. It’s like going to an emergency room because you’re having a heart attack. You want someone to hurry you in in front of another patient who just has knee pain.” If Gibson can’t get claims to go out, Tangible understands that’s a Code Blue for her.

Big picture view of IT

“Bruce at Tangible Solutions understands complexity from a global perspective across the IT world,” Gibson said. “I have no desire to understand all that. For example, we will be using an HL7 connection to bring information into our practice management system when we get our new PACS. I know before I even ask Bruce about our HL7 connection to the hospital that he will understand completely what that entails, and he has a team in place to make it happen. He is so great at looking at the whole picture, not just the medical part of it. I’m scared to death of IT, but when he talks to me about it, I’m instantly comfortable.”

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A team of talented individuals

Gibson says there’s also a big comfort level with Tangible because there’s very little turnover, and they work as a team, “They can pull in anyone it takes to get a specific thing done. For example, if you have a question about a new product, Paul can help guide you in the right direction.

“If I decided to close my billing service and go work as a consultant for someone, they are the only company I would want to work for. The way their business model is set up and the way they care about customers makes Tangible Solutions truly unique.”

About Advanced Radiology

Advanced Radiology is a 25-year-old practice focused on both diagnostic and interventional radiology that uses the billing management capabilities within a leading practice management system. The practice’s four physicians interpret images for four hospitals in West Tennessee that encompass around a dozen independent practices. Advanced Radiology’s physicians and office administrator jointly own the billing company and rely on billing experts in Tennessee, Virginia and Ohio.

About Tangible Solutions

Tangible Solutions is a premier healthcare solutions provider serving practices of all sizes throughout the US. Our Happe-branded services offer a range of solutions for physician offices, reference labs, state registries, imaging centers and many other healthcare service providers.

Whether the need is to enhance an EMR system with patient engagement functionality, provide interfacing to other providers or registries, or help achieve maximum incentive payments from value-based programs, our staff stands ready to meet your need. Our success and growth is rooted in a deep commitment to providing outstanding customer service and support. That means we work to develop a lasting relationship as your trusted partner, ready to take on the technical challenges you face every day.