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Evaluating Your Cin Toolbox

Every CIN needs these 6 tools

Creating or joining a CIN is no small task, you need to have your toolbox fully stocked for a smooth transition.

Creating A Cin That Functions At Peak Efficiency Doesn’t Come Without Its Challenges, But The Reward Is Enabling Healthcare Providers To Communicate With One Another So There’s Greater Coordination Throughout The Continuum Of Patient Care.

Clinically Integrated Networks create an unbroken Continuum of Care

The reward of creating a Clinically Integrated Network that functions at peak efficiency is enabling healthcare providers to communicate with one another so there’s greater coordination throughout the continuum of patient care.

Acos Vs Cins: Comparing Alligators To Crocodiles

ACOs vs CINs: A little like comparing alligators to crocodiles

While all ACOs are essentially CINs, not all CINs are ACOs. Although the two networks have many upfront similarities, it’s the details that can help to understand how a CIN can be the platform for building an ACO.

Before You Start Building A Cin And A Team Of Players, Keep A Few Things In Mind At The Outset.

3 things to remember before building a CIN

A high-quality healthcare experience – both for patients as well as physicians – rests on three pillars: patient satisfaction, ongoing improved health outcomes and cost containment

How To Overcome 5 Common Cin Hurdles

How to overcome 5 common CIN hurdles

A clinically integrated network (CIN) can be a fantastic system that improves the patient experience and creates fair relationships between health care organizations and insurance payors.

Cin And Aco: What's The Difference?

CIN and ACO: What’s the difference?

With the introduction of MACRA and the start of reporting this year, physicians may be worried about their thin profit margins getting even thinner.