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Just Because You Can Build Connections Does Not Mean You Should

Just Because You Can Build Connections Does Not Always Mean You Should

The healthcare field is teeming with data coming from every direction. If your organization wants to make the most of that data, you might be interested in linking up disparate systems like electronic health records (EHRs), independent labs, mobile apps, imaging platforms and other entities. Building these connections calls for a niche area of expertise

Advantages Of A Bi Directional Healthcare Order Management System

Advantages of a Bi-directional Healthcare Order Management System

Healthcare order management has made significant progress since the days of fax machines. Computerized healthcare order entry is still fragmented for many practices, though. For healthcare order management to be fully functional, physician compliance and integration with the electronic health record system are essential. With a quality healthcare order management system, you can develop streamlined

iPaaS in Healthcare can greatly improve the overall success of your healthcare organization.

8 Benefits of iPaaS in Healthcare

How iPaaS in healthcare helps to improve the patient experience, the quality of care, and more.

CIN connectivity  in health care.

CIN Connectivity – Key points to know

Technology has made CIN connectivity even more possible. Asking the following questions while developing your program is a good place to start.

Access To Care Is Crucial For Cost Effective Management

Access to care is crucial for cost-effective management

Daniel Marino, senior vice president of The Camden Group, told attendees to the HFMA event that integrating physicians in a vertical model is critical to providing near-constant access to care.