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Improving data collection is critical to a well run practice.

Advantages of Improving Data Collection in Healthcare

Improved data collection and reporting can maximize reimbursement and incentive payments through various programs designed to improve healthcare for marginalized populations. Reporting on various health measures can increase eligibility for incentive programs, leading to greater revenues year over year.

the ability to swiftly share and access health data is improving patient care.

The Benefits and Challenges of a Health Information Exchange

Being able to access and share patient information without breaking confidentiality or compromising patient privacy is an ongoing challenge in today’s increasingly digitized world. Electronic health information exchanges (HIEs) facilitate the secure transmission of and access to patient data.

Is your practice at risk of penalties for information blocking?

Are You at Risk of Being Flagged for Information Blocking?

The 21st Century Cures Act (Cures) includes specific provisions to promote health information interoperability, and penalizes those seen to be guilty of intentional or unintentional “information blocking.”

Evaluating Your Cin Toolbox

Every CIN needs these 6 tools

Creating or joining a CIN is no small task, you need to have your toolbox fully stocked for a smooth transition.