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How to Overcome Healthcare Data Integration Challenges

Healthcare data integration is vital to the success of your practice. Employer Health Networks, High Value Networks and Clinically Integrated Networks (CINs) need to share data back and forth to facilitate patient care.

iPaaS in Healthcare can greatly improve the overall success of your healthcare organization.

8 Benefits of iPaaS in Healthcare

How iPaaS in healthcare helps to improve the patient experience, the quality of care, and more.

Etl In Healthcare

ETL in Healthcare

Today’s healthcare landscape often runs on an array of disparate programs, all constantly collecting data — but this approach is at odds with the industry’s need for data centralization, artificial intelligence and modern technological solutions.

Healthcare data quality can be leveraged for opportunities

Good Opportunities Can be Created from Quality Healthcare Data

Quality healthcare data can mean the difference between a thriving practice or a failing one. Healthcare data helps track patient outcomes, define quality of care, and assign value to various steps in the healthcare process. When data is incomplete, inaccurate or redundant, you miss opportunities to improve workflows, streamline patient care, and increase practice revenues.

Improving Teleradiology: Iaas Vs Saas

Improving teleradiology: IaaS vs SaaS

The ubiquity of cloud technology has generated process improvements and efficiencies for nearly every aspect of practice management.