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Doctor-patient communication is key to patient outcomes.

The Importance of Doctor-Patient Communication

Doctor-patient communication is the cornerstone of effective healthcare and quality patient outcomes. When communication breaks down, whether between doctor and patient, between doctor and another provider, or between doctor’s office and insurer, the result is a poor patient experience. Improving communication can improve experience, increasing satisfaction and maximizing revenues.

Understanding The Financial Impact Of Missed Appointments

Top 8 Reasons Patients Miss Appointments

Patients miss appointments for many reasons, but the result is always the same: Patients risk their health, and physicians lose out on revenue.

How Electronic Invoices Drive Practice Efficiencies

How electronic invoices drive practice efficiencies

Physician practices that are able to engage their patients at every stage of the care continuum will not only see improved patient outcomes, but also have more opportunities to realize payments.

Should You Be Texting Your Patients?

Should you be texting your patients?

Patient engagement impacts community health and individual outcomes, as well as the financial health of the provider organization.