The Importance of a Data Library in Healthcare

The healthcare industry generates an incredible amount of data — almost a third of the entire world’s data volume — but the field is always changing. From new technologies to new health concerns, medical organizations need sophisticated data management tools to help make sense of it all. To get there, they rely on data libraries.

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Etl In Healthcare

ETL in Healthcare

Today’s healthcare landscape often runs on an array of disparate programs, all constantly collecting data — but this approach is at odds with the industry’s need for data centralization, artificial intelligence and modern technological solutions.

Doctor-patient communication is key to patient outcomes.

The Importance of Doctor-Patient Communication

Doctor-patient communication is the cornerstone of effective healthcare and quality patient outcomes. When communication breaks down, whether between doctor and patient, between doctor and another provider, or between doctor’s office and insurer, the result is a poor patient experience. Improving communication can improve experience, increasing satisfaction and maximizing revenues.