The Indispensable Application For Ensuring Accuracy While Dispensing Medications
CheckRx Scanning

Eliminate Medication Dispensing Errors Before They Happen


Patient safety is certainly a top goal within any pharmacy environment and this tool provides an additional layer of protection to meet that goal. Now there is a cost effective way to reduce medication dispensing errors within your hospital pharmacy department. The CheckRx tool is a stand-alone application that gives your pharmacists peace of mind when dispensing medications. Whether used for inpatient dispensing of IV medications or for outpatient dispensing, CheckRx will make sure that medication orders leaving your pharmacy are correct, verified and free of human error.

CheckRx is ideal for hospitals or health systems that need a highly affordable, simple and reliable solution for improving accuracy in the pharmacy department. CheckRx is designed to easily fit into your existing workflow with minimal training needed for your staff.   Once deployed, your staff will not want to work another shift without having CheckRx.


“When we originally introduced the idea to our pharmacists, they said they just didn’t need something like that,” Hayes said. “Now they depend on the application so much that they really don’t want to ever have to work without it. With this application, you can do your job, even at 3 a.m., with the confidence to be sure you are sending the right medicine up to the floor.”

— Ed Hayes

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