Clinically Integrated Networks

Delivering The Data For Coordinated, Ongoing Care Between Providers, Hospitals, Labs, Radiology Centers, and Other Healthcare Facilities.

Coordinated Continuum of Patient Care

In this age of MIPS/MACRA, the pressure is on to fulfill the 4 components of MIPS: Quality, Promoting Interoperability, Improvement Activities and Cost.  These core elements of MIPS are really the essence of Clinically Integrated Networks (CIN). A CIN is designed to provide high quality care by sharing information between care providers and the patient throughout their lifetime.  So whether you are located in a metropolitan area or a highly rural setting, we can connect your care community.  


What We Do

Provider to Provider

The key to providing excellent care to your patients is having all the information you need to make a decision about care.  Connecting providers within a community supports that decision making process.  This also has the benefit of reducing the number of duplicate procedures which reduces costs.   No matter if the connection is directly between providers or part of a larger information exchange, we can build the right solution.

Hospital to Provider

Reducing the number of patient readmissions to hospitals is one of the critical goals of incentive programs.  To stay on top of patient discharges, a practice needs to have a connection to the hospital system.  We’ve got you covered.

Provider to Exchange

Though many public health information exchanges have come and gone over the years, semi-private and private exchanges are proving more resilient.  These exchanges truly support the concept of a clinically integrated network and are increasingly turning to us for help in building them.

Provider to Registries

Submitting clinical data to the various registries is becoming increasingly important, which is why we have developed so many connections and add more each month.

And So Much More

There is much more that contributes to a clinically integrated network, but you shouldn’t have to burden yourself with all the details.  We understand that you want to focus on giving your patients the best care possible.  Our mission is to handle the technology and provide you, as well as your community of peers, a clinically integrated network that supports your community care efforts.

Provider to Patient

Another critical component to clinically integrated networks is communication with the patient.  MIPS requirements not withstanding, more and more patients are looking to have greater access to their medical records.  Connecting your EMR to a portal of some sort is still the most effective method.  However, native EMR portals still tend to lack the functionality needed by providers and patients alike.  That is why we offer a patient portal solution that includes all of the functions for full patient engagement. 

Provider to Lab & Radiologist

When it comes to primary care providers virtually all have an important relationship with a reference lab or radiology group.  The challenge many practices face is efficiently submitting orders and receiving results electronically.  We specialize in the connectivity, transformation and delivery of lab orders and results.

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The Benefits of Being Part of a CIN

Benefits of A CIN

A reliable IT partner enables you to focus on the things that matter most…

Connect with your colleagues

Enable patient engagement

Connect with a variety of other third-party entities

Info sharing increases time efficiency and reduces costs

Having the information you need, when you need it makes visits with your patients much more efficient.  Knowing when your patient was discharged from the hospital and what instructions they were provided makes your decision making process so much easier. Knowing the medical history before speaking with your patient reduces costs for the patient not to mention your own time savings.  Your patients will experience a greater sense of comfort and confidence in your practice when they experience less waiting, fewer procedures, and no more interviews regarding past visits to specialists or walk-in clinics.

Read about Tangible’s partnership with HI-Bridge Solutions (Formerly Georgia Health Connect) to connect rural providers.

Supporting your group’s needs

The care you provide needs something more than one-size-fits-all solutions. Tangible Solutions takes the time to work with you and understand your unique needs.  From there, we develop a customized solution tailored to drive your practice and community forward with high-quality, personalized healthcare. Each process begins and ends with communication — a vital aspect to achieving goals. Clinically integrated networks require information management solutions that promote a free and easy exchange of secured data. With more than two decades of delivering premier healthcare technology solutions, we know how to help your practice reach its full potential.

Read how Tangible Solutions supports a high volume pediatric practice.

Enhance the functionality of your Community Care efforts

Your information technology partner needs to be able to help you in a variety of ways – whether it’s to answer questions, solve problems, or deploy new technologies to help you better connect. Tangible takes great pride in the solutions and customer service we provide to our clients.  By trusting the information-sharing aspect of your practice, or community, to Tangible Solutions, you benefit from greater peace of mind.   You also get to focus more on patient care as well as gain efficiencies in your practice. 

Providing the highest quality healthcare is only possible when you are free to operate at your full potential. What you receive from us is exactly that: the freedom to enhance the functionality of your Clinically integrated network.

Build a more efficient and effective care community

Building connections to referral colleagues, labs, hospitals, radiologists, rehab facilities and all the various other care providers within your community helps everyone operate at their full potential. Patient care and satisfaction will most definitely increase, which in turn will be most beneficial to anyone subject to MIPS.  Knowing how to get started can seem like a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be.  Engaging a partner like Tangible Solutions will relieve you from the stress of figuring out the technological aspects of a connected community.  In addition, the financial commitment needed to support a connected community is far more sustainable than traditional efforts have been.

Benefits of Partnering With Tangible Solutions


Running a practice can be stressful, time consuming and at times overwhelming. There are so many things that you must consider and dozens of variables that can impact your day-to-day operation. By sourcing certain aspects of your practice, such as information technology, you can relieve some stress and create a more organized workplace. We work together with you to reduce upfront costs and minimize ongoing costs by using Integration-as-a-Service.  In addition, you are freed from having to manage and maintain numerous connections, system setups and configurations.  It’s virtually impossible to run an operation flawlessly by yourself, but with a little help you can achieve:

Less Stress – You can rest easy knowing your practice’s data sharing function is in the hands of an experienced, dedicated team.

More Time – You’ll gain more time to do the things that made you want to get into medicine in the first place.

Increased Potential for Growth  When you have more time, you can see more patients and potentially grow your practice to new heights.

Strong Foundation  When you and your staff try to handle all the data responsibilities, it leaves your organization stretched. With a trusted IT partner like Tangible Solutions, you create a stronger foundation for future success.

Let us be your partner in success.