Cloud Services

Removing the worry and expense of hosting your EHR in house.

Hosting your own EHR in house often keeps your staff from making more productive and fulfilling contributions to your practice and patients. Happe-MDs offers affordable EHR hosting services to ensure it works the way it was designed to work.

Better yet, Happe-MDs provides you with easy information access, anytime and anywhere. Whether you are at the office, hospital, home, or on vacation, you have full and secure access to all your electronic health records. All you need is your computer, iPhone, iPad, Android tablet, or other mobile device, plus an Internet connection to prioritize patient needs and get work done.

Through our hosting service, we take care of installing, updating, expanding, and maintaining your EHR, so you can focus on your most important task–taking care of your patients.”


Let us enhance the functionality of your healthcare IT systems.

We’re always here to answer questions, solve problems, and prevent the headaches that are often side effects of our information-centric workplaces. Please get in touch.