September is National Preparedness Month

Preparation is Key

Being prepared for a disaster before it strikes is key to recovering as quickly as possible. For businesses, that means taking the time to analyze your operations. It also means making plans for restoring processes, potentially replacing equipment, and moving staff. You may also need to find temporary office space. It is impossible to know what or when a particular disaster may strike. However, there are standard steps that you can take to build a recovery plan that should allow you to get your operations up and running as quickly as possible.

Starting Checklist

As each organization has its own unique structure and operational flow, you will have to tailor your planning accordingly. The following list is a good starting point of things to consider:

  • Verify data backups are working properly
  • Have a way to quickly notify patients or customers of office closure or other issues.
  • Print hard copies of patient schedules
  • Make sure vendor contact list is current
  • Make sure current employee contact list (w/mobile numbers) is up to date
  • Accounts receivable info current
  • Accounts payable info is current
  • Have a plan for collecting or redirecting inbound postal mail
  • Have a plan for acquiring temporary workspace or processes for employees to work from home
  • Know where your insurance documents are located

For a complete resource on how to develop plans and prepare for disasters, we recommend visiting the website.

It is an official website of the Department of Homeland Security and has a wealth of information on the subject of disaster preparedness.

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Tangible Privatecloud

How Tangible Solutions Can Help

As a provider of cloud-based services for many types of organizations, we can play a part in your disaster preparedness plans. Below are some ways we can play a role:

  • For our Happe-MDs customers, we already provide a safe location for your critical patient data as well as provide protective services like security and data backups
  • For our self hosted LAN customers, we can provide temporary or permanent hosting of your EMR data

As a company that has been in business for over a quarter century, we have experienced our share of trials and business disruption events. From flooding, to a near direct hit by a tornado, a direct hit of a truck into our office building, to a worldwide pandemic, we have passed the tests. Thankfully, because of our business model and advanced planning, we have been able to take these events in stride with minimal impact on our operations and customers. 

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