Removing barriers to healthcare data exchange
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In the past, recording and storing patient health information has proven much easier than transforming and delivering it to other providers. Integration-as-a-Service makes both processes equally easy to achieve.”

Removing Barriers

Removing barriers to healthcare data exchange is the whole purpose of Integration-as-a-Service.  Having good data leads to a whole host of benefits including stronger positions when negotiating with payers and service providers.  That same data empowers medical providers to achieve better patient outcomes.  With better patient health comes satisfied patients and higher monetary rewards.  However, whether you are performing population health, business analytics, or referral management, the best applications can be defeated with bad data.  As a result, you need several elements to achieve success.

Where It Starts

The place to start is determining what your goals are. i.e lower costs, improve patient health, meet regulatory demands, etc. Once you have goals established, then it’s time to develop your data strategy. During this process, you will need to identify all the organizations that will be participating in the network and what data collection systems each participant uses. From there, you will need to identify what information needs to be collected and where data needs to go. At that point, your IT partner should take the lead on how to design an efficient strategy for achieving your goals.

How It Works


Integration-as-a-Service (IaaS) is designed to remove the traditional burdens of data sharing.  Rather than taking on the expense and labor of building connections yourself, IaaS provides a simpler and more affordable option.  Because IaaS is built as a hub and spoke system, it is highly scalable and quite flexible.  You simply make one connection to the cloud-based hub and from there send or receive data from anywhere else.  This approach minimizes the need for specialized equipment and technical skills, which in turn means less cost.

Why It Is Important


Having good data leads to stronger positions when negotiating with payers and service providers. That same data also empowers providers, creating better patient outcomes, which also strengthens the negotiating position. Whether using population health, business analytics, or referral applications, the best applications can be defeated with bad data.  It is critical that your data strategy ensures data integrity through encryption, standardization, and monitoring.

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A Collection Of Connections Does Not Make A Data Strategy

6 Questions To Help With The Design Process
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We Can Help

Lab Orders/Results

Working with many of the leading reference labs throughout the country has allowed us to gain the knowledge necessary to build interfaces that effectively connect EMR systems with lab order systems.  Whether it’s a one-off integration or an embedded solution, we stand ready to work with an individual practice or reference lab to build a solution that works for everyone technically, logistically, financially.

Employer Sponsored Health Network

More and more large employers are looking for ways to lower their expenses related to healthcare coverage for their employees.  One concept that is beginning to take deeper root is Employer Sponsored Health Networks.  Rather than continuing to employ a traditional model of comparing insurance plans and selecting the one with the lowest rate increase, companies are looking toward a self sponsored network.  By adopting this model, companies can exert greater control over their healthcare spend by building their own provider network.  To build a geographically dispersed clinically integrated network, one needs a technology partner that can not only provide guidance, but also design and install the necessary connections.  Integration-as-a-Service, from Tangible Solutions, is the foundation for the clinically integrated networks we serve.

Radiology Interfacing

Integration-as-a-Service provides imaging centers many options for addressing EMR integration and other connectivity requirements.  Regardless of whether you want to deliver results with the image, results as a PDF file to your referring physician’s desktop computer, or you want a bi-directional interface delivering both orders and results into their respective systems, Tangible Solutions is your integration partner.

Durable Medical Equipment

Similar in nature to lab orders, durable medical equipment ordering involves a good deal of information that is so often handled via hardcopy.  This process is tedious, cumbersome and quite inefficient.   With our orders management solution, DME orders can be much more streamlined and provide the level of integration with EMR systems that providers desire.  It provides a win-win situation for the providers and suppliers, not to mention the patients they serve.  


Registry Submissions

Building connections to the various registries requires an attention to detail and strict adherence to the protocols required by each registry.  Most medical practices lack the technical resources needed to set up a connection to a state registry.  That is why we developed an Integration-as-a-Service solution where we handle the process of connecting to the registry and the file transfer validation. This model limits the amount of technical expertise you need in order to achieve your objectives.  

Let us be your partner in success.