Patient Engagement

A Patient Engagement Solution Is Good For Patients, Great For Your Practice's Financial Well Being.

Tailoring solutions to keep patients engaged with your practice.


Patient engagement strategies can only succeed when they have the right technologies behind them. Process improvement through innovative solutions can augment your quality of care, efficiency and revenue.

At its core, patient engagement is really an effort to provide better health outcomes. To achieve this goal, physicians need the support of customized technology to securely collect, store and communicate vital patient information.

Our custom technology solutions help patients receive better treatment and experience meaningful outcomes. In a world where everyone is connected, we believe patients and physicians should have fewer barriers to communication.


Supporting Your Practice’s Needs


At Tangible Solutions, we don’t make one-size- fits-all solutions. We work with you to deploy technologies that drive your practice forward. Our process begins and ends with communication. Patient engagement efforts require information management solutions that allow for the free and easy exchange of secure communications.

When patients are engaged with their personal health care, they are more likely to be satisfied with their clinical outcomes. From scheduling appointments and managing administrative tasks to charting and billing, your organization needs efficient technology solutions that let you get back to the important work – patient care.

Expand the tabs below to learn more about Tangible Solutions’ tailored patient engagement technologies:

Pre-Visit Engagement
Appointment Requests

Patients are always looking for a quick and easy way to schedule an appointment, but don’t want to talk on the phone.  Now there is a way to submit a request online for an appointment that can be easily handled by your staff.


One of the biggest frustrations of both the front desk staff and patients is the process of filling out new patient forms.  Wouldn’t it be nice if the patient could fill out those forms prior to arriving at your office as well as making any necessary advance payments?  Now it is possible and patients will appreciate being able to arrive for their appointment right on time rather than 20-30 minutes early.  Your staff will appreciate having the necessary information ahead of time so they aren’t scrambling to get information in the right place while trying to keep the patients moving through the practice in a timely manner.

Procedure Preparation

Send patients individualized education and preparation materials via email, secure email or USPS mail to prepare them for their appointment.  In addition you get confirmation the information was received and allows patients to ask questions online which will save your staff considerable time when the patient arrives for their appointment.

Appointment Reminders

Choose to send reminders via phone, text, email, or even USPS.  In addition, you can also remind patients to complete any pre-registration materials that need to been done.  Of course patients will have the ability to confirm, cancel or request to reschedule in plenty of time for you to adjust your schedule accordingly.

On-Demand Notifications

If your practice needs to reschedule appointments due to bad weather, sick doctors, or some other circumstance, you need a tool to notify patients quickly and efficiently.  Do you maintain a waiting list for slots that may open up, now you can quickly fill those spots.

Do you have patients that get vocally frustrated with a schedule that is behind when they arrive?  Provide them with real-time schedule updates so they can arrive at your practice according to the revised schedule.

Missed Appointments

Ensure your patients don’t get lost in the shuffle after a no-show or cancellation by tracking those patients and sending automatic follow-up notices.

Post-Visit Engagement
Follow-up Visit

For those times when a patient leaves the office prior to scheduling a follow-up visit, the patient can be notified by phone, text or email to schedule an appointment.

Test Results

Have the option of sending patients their test results.  Negative results can be automatically sent if desired.  If a patient is proving difficult to reach, the are other ways to make contact.

Surveys & Reputation Management

Collect feedback from your patients so you can measure their level of satisfaction as well as learn where improvements may make a difference in the patient care experience.  Highly positive responses can link to popular review sites ensuring that every doctor in the practice has as many positive reviews as possible.

Patient Recalls

Increase your financial bottom line by reaching out to those patients you have not seen in quite some time.

Financial Engagement
Statement Services

Create flexible, easy to read full color statements which can be mailed or sent electronically.  If sent electronically and the file isn’t opened in a timely fashion, then a hard copy statement can be sent via USPS.

Secure Payment Management

Take full advantage of online payment access as well as offer payment plans to maximize your collections.

Overdue Balance Management

Notify patients by phone, text or USPS when they have an overdue balance or when a pre-payment is required for upcoming procedures.

Mail Tracking

Have all USPS mail delivered statements tracked so delivery is confirmed.  Tracking can also be applied for payments returned to the practice.

Marketing Engagement
Reputation Management

Get your practice noticed on sites like Healthgrades and Zocdoc with positive reviews from your patients.

Insurance Networks

Make sure patients can pick your practice out of the crowd of other providers listed by insurance carriers..

Website/Digital Marketing

Establish your presence on the internet with a professional looking website.   You can also take advantage of other digital options like search engines and other websites.

Social Media

Share the word about your practice’s specialty’s or events like flu shot availability on the social media sites your patients use.

Let us make your system for healthcare IT easier

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