Tangible Physician Engagement

Physician Engagement

The right tools and technology partner will make physician engagement a seamless, productive and important part of your operation.

Making the best use of your time through information sharing and cloud computing


Physician engagement is every bit as important as patient engagement today, but where do you start?  First off, you do not need to have deep knowledge about electronic health record solutions or an understanding of IT-centric terms like “data interoperability” or “integration-as-a-service” to engage fellow healthcare entities.  When you need to share electronic information with other healthcare service providers, pretty much all you need to know is us.  We take the guesswork and anxiety out of physician engagement.  Relying on our years of experience connecting healthcare data systems like EHRs, portals, registries, labs and more, lets you stay focused on other critical matters.

When you choose to work with Tangible Solutions, we will make sure you get a working understanding of how to enjoy seamless, real-time data exchange with a wide range of other healthcare providers. We will show you how to use technology to connect EHRs, enable patient engagement, and get engaged yourself. You will even learn how easy it is to use the cloud to your advantage and relieve your staff of IT headaches by letting us “host” some systems for you. Leave the information-sharing to us, and we will most definitely leave the medicine to you.

Our idea of physician engagement involves making sure you have the right information, at the right place, at the right time.   It also means that you stay focused on your other patient centered activities while we handle the technical details.  

Let us make your system for healthcare IT easier

We’re always here to answer questions, solve problems, and prevent the headaches that are often side effects of our information-centric workplaces. Please get in touch.

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