When Julie Brown, office manager at Renal Physicians of Montgomery County, began using e-MDs software in 2012, a friend who worked at another similarly sized practice in the Houston area did too. Brown chose hosting by Tangible Solutions. Her friend purchased a server for her office. 

“My frustrated friend has told me on several occasions that I made the smart choice,” Brown said. “When updates need to be done, she has to hire an IT person, then stay after hours or come in on the weekend when the office is closed. And if the IT person doesn’t have a good understanding of and good communication with e-MDs, they can fail at the task, which means the whole process must begin again on a different day.”

In contrast to that kind of complexity, Brown just gets a memo from Tangible informing her that they will be doing an update of e-MDs so her system will not be available during a specified time period. “With Tangible providing our hosting solution, updates are so easy, and I never face extra hours or surprising inconveniences,” Brown said. “Working with them is amazing.”



Building web portals

Tangible also helped Brown by building the practice’s website, putting them a step closer to meaningful use with their website as a portal. “They led me through the whole thing and were just great. I was a little slow in getting some of the information they needed to build our site because I had so many things to do. But they stayed on top of the project, and emailed me reminders to ensure that it got done in a timely fashion. After the website was built, they even trained me on updating it. They’re still right there to answer my questions, so I never feel alone.”

Fast response

Brown says the best thing about working with Tangible Solutions is that they actually answer the phone when she has an issue. “If I called another one of our vendors right now, I would get somebody I don’t know in a call center that’s located who knows where. They’ll record the details of my issue, forward it on to somebody else, and I’ll get a call back in 24-48 hours. When you call Tangible, nine times out of ten, I get a true support person. On the rare occasion when I’ve had to leave a message, they call me back, usually within the hour.”

Such rapid responsiveness is particularly helpful in the middle of a clinic. Brown says that if someone tries to open too many things at once, the computer can “freeze up.” As the patient stands by, the doctor has to wait to input data such as the patient’s vitals into the computer. “If your computer is frozen, you’ve got a mess. The patient can’t go on to the next step with the physician until it’s fixed. We feel so fortunate that Tangible can quickly take our Happe ID, shadow us and unfreeze the computer, so our workflow can go on.”

Brown has also been impressed that Tangible does “true” webinars to support and help her. With other vendors, she says there may be a little valuable information here and there, but mainly their training webinars are sales pitches for extra services.


Enduring friendships

Over a period of time, Brown says she has formed a strong bond with Tangible Solutions, an important aspect of any business relationship. “They’re really more like friends. They have very low turnover—you can tell the people you talk with have been there for awhile. Very rarely do you ever get anybody new on the phone. As I told e-MDs, the best thing you’ve ever done for me is to tell me about Tangible Solutions.”


About Renal Physicians of Montgomery County

Renal Physicians of Montgomery County, P.A., is the region’s oldest, largest and most respected nephrology group servicing Montgomery County Texas and surrounding areas. It opened in 1982, under the direction of Dr. Barry N. Neeland, and now has five nephrologists and dedicated staff members who provide consultative services in the surrounding communities of The Woodlands, Conroe, Montgomery, Tomball, and Huntsville, Texas.

Tangible Solutions is a premier healthcare solutions provider serving practices of all sizes throughout the US. Our Happe-branded services offer a range of solutions for physician offices, reference labs, state registries, imaging centers and many other healthcare service providers.

Whether the need is to enhance an EMR system with patient engagement functionality, provide interfacing to other providers or registries, or help achieve maximum incentive payments from value-based programs, our staff stands ready to meet your need. Our success and growth is rooted in a deep commitment to providing outstanding customer service and support. That means we work to develop a lasting relationship as your trusted partner, ready to take on the technical challenges you face every day.