When you’re a doctor who offers concierge medical services, you understand the lasting value of having direct access to a readily available and responsive expert who’s devoted to your practice’s wellness. That’s why Dr. German Lasala of Tanque Verde Internal Medicine and his wife and office manager Daria Lasala now look at Tangible Solutions as a kind of concierge healthcare technology provider. 

Like others who have pioneered the concept of concierge doctors, the Lasalas believe patients should never see lifelong wellness, managing their medical care, and having conversations with their doctors as stressful, difficult or rushed. The same goes for any physician practice that’s continually challenged to manage their electronic health records (EHR) in a time of changing rules and regulations and frequent software updates.

“Tangible Solutions has proven to us once again how essential it is to have a responsive IT solutions team to support us quickly, day-in and day-out,” Daria Lasala says. She uses the words “once again,” because not long ago, Tanque Verde Internal Medicine made a decision to change their “primary provider” from Tangible Solutions to another company that allegedly had the same “Hosting” capabilities, but at a lower cost.


Under the weather

“Trying to work with the other company was a nightmare from the get-go,” Lasala said. “Just getting in contact with the new company was almost impossible. We would ask them what we needed to do in order to go live, and there was simply no response. When it was time for our go-live, and we needed help, we were told that our contact was out of town. Apparently, there was no one to offer back-up, which was unbelievable to us.” Eventually, Lasala was surprised to find out that they needed different phone lines. The practice never succeeded in getting critical faxes electronically, and finally had to revert back to sending paper faxes.

Return to wellness

“We only lasted three weeks with the other company,” Lasala says, “and now that we’re back with Tangible Solutions, everything is smooth sailing.” She explains that faxing prescription refills, routine lab results, requests for consults and other tasks essential to patient care is effortless. “They made our transition back so seamless—it’s like we never left.”

For Tanque Verde Internal Medicine, one big advantage of using Tangible Solutions’ hosting capabilities involves hardware and software. The other company said that in order to get faxes electronically, Lasala needed to go out and choose the right “gateway” computer, buy and load the right software, and hook it up to the other computers. “That’s the last thing a busy physician practice has time to do,” she says. “I would have had to pay our IT guy by the hour to get all that done.”

In contrast, Tangible sent the right hardware, already preloaded with software, directly to the office.

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It was totally ready to go. There were even instructions about where to plug it in. They had thought of everything, and that was a tremendous help in recovering the ground we lost during the ill-advised switch. There’s no doubt in my mind that, especially when you’re dealing with technology, you get what you pay for.



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About Tanque Verde Internal Medicine

Dr. German Lasala, Tanque Verde Internal Medicine

Dr. German Lasala, Tanque Verde Internal Medicine

Dr. German Lasala has been in medical practice in Tucson, Ariz. since 1991, and is one of the original founders of Arizona Community Physicians, PC. After years in the company, he decided to start a practice devoted to personalized medicine, greatly increasing his career satisfaction and passion for patient care. He is Board Certified in Internal Medicine and also spent 17 years in the research industry performing clinical trials as a principal investigator.


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Daria Lasala Tanque Verde Internal Medicine

Daria Lasala, Tanque Verde Internal Medicine

Over her 24-year nursing career, Daria Lasala has worked in oncology, dermatology, pediatrics, and clinical research. In addition to her nursing degree, she has a master’s degree in business with a focus in healthcare administration. She manages the office at Tanque Verde Internal Medicine, taking care of insurance billing and many other administrative essentials.


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