We named our healthcare data solutions Happe (pronounced Happy) partly because that’s the way our customers say we make them feel. Our versatile, comprehensive and easy-to-master HIT solutions are based on more than 20 years of experience in navigating the ever-changing landscape of healthcare information technology. Our services can be scaled to work for one-office physician practices in rural areas, to multi-million-dollar healthcare systems, to organizations that fall somewhere in between. Better yet, physician practices and other customers who partner with us instantly gain the peace of mind that comes from knowing that all their transactions are fully HIPAA compliant and secure. In addition, all of our solutions are built on a foundation of highly responsive and committed customer service.

IT Solutions for All of Healthcare

We specialize in working with medical practices and other related service providers to find, integrate, and deploy a broad range of IT solutions. Such solutions include integration Platform as a Service, incentive program reporting, patient engagement, and EMR hosting/support to name a few. Increasingly, we work with organizations that span large geographic areas to build clinical integrated networks. This includes the collecting, warehousing, transforming, and transporting of data to its rightful destination.

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Clinically Integrated Network Interoperability

Solutions for enabling coordinated, ongoing care between all healthcare providers.
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Quality Reporting

Powerfully simple reporting for achieving maximum incentives and improved workflow.

Clinical Data Integration

Healthcare data interoperability solutions that make sharing data easier, safe, and timely.
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Orders Management

Enjoy a full-featured order management system to place orders and receive results into your EHR system.

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Healthcare Application Ecosystem

A hub for integrating and offering 3rd-party healthcare IT solutions.

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