Clinically Integrated Networks (CINs) Lead to Better Healthcare

Population health management is like a jigsaw puzzle. All the pieces must fit just right for medical facilities to deliver the standard of care patients deserve. Achieving this unbroken continuum of care is no ordinary task and requires collaboration between many working parts, including insurers, private healthcare managers, assisted living facilities, pharmacies and reference labs, and clinicians.

A clinically integrated network (CIN) is the puzzle piece that connects all other pieces together. Beyond loosely associated practices and referral networks, a CIN creates a legal framework in which organizations work together to share vital patient information, enhance patient care performance and save money in the process. It makes it possible to coordinate care across multiple organizations and locations, from primary care physician to specialist, from hospital to laboratory, from insurer to health exchange, and from pharmacy to patient.

Tangible Solutions is a leading healthcare data integration team with the knowledge and skills to build the interoperability for a comprehensive CIN that meets your demands. Do you need help connecting to regional healthcare systems? We have extensive experience in connecting healthcare organizations throughout a large geographic region, ensuring all parties have the information and resources they require. Our digital data strategy creates a connection that allows you and your partners to send and receive patient data reliably, securely and efficiently. With more patient data, you will gain valuable insight into current patient health, increase patient access to specialty services and avoid costly duplicate testing.

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What Is a Clinically Integrated Network?

Speed matters in healthcare, but time is often wasted waiting for test results and X-rays that may have been conducted in another facility. A well-thought-out CIN supplies providers with the structure to seamlessly and efficiently share patient data. Technological advancements have facilitated digital connectivity, allowing for instantaneous data sharing through a cloud-based infrastructure that maintains security and safe-keeping.

CINs connect large groupings of organizations, including providers, patients, governmental health information exchanges (HIEs), medical offices, hospitals, clinicians and employer-based networks. This collaborative system enables doctors and other healthcare professionals to deliver an exceptional continuum of care. Collecting, distributing, storing and analyzing data to make accurate diagnoses and create informed treatment plans becomes easier than ever.

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The Many Benefits of Clinically Integrated Networks

Healthcare organization and participating physicians gain a variety of advantages from being part of a CIN. Benefits of CINS include:

Cost Savings

Reduce Healthcare Costs

Duplicate procedures drain assets, waste resources and sap energy. Much of this can be prevented by better coordination, collaboration and — perhaps most importantly — communication. Through optimized IT infrastructure that Tangible Solutions can install, CINs can reduce the cost of care both for patients as well as participating healthcare providers. This is made possible by sharing data so physicians and care managers can connect with their colleagues.

Improved Rates

Improve reimbursement rates

When patients are more engaged in their ongoing health and well-being, they’re more likely to have fewer illnesses and live longer. Since CINs are proven to provide better care — thus improving patient outcomes — high-quality care can yield better reimbursement rates, which is the upshot of MIPS reporting. Tangible Solutions has the experience and capability to streamline data sharing so better coordination can yield more reimbursements and provide a way to negotiate better contracts with payors.

Community Connections

Tightened community connections

No matter how diverse your CIN happens to be or where member participants are located, a CIN supports stronger community connections. Through Integration-as-a-Service, we’ll help you build a foundation customized to your unique needs and tech capabilities, as well as those of your community member colleagues (e.g. labs, rehab facilities, nursing homes, etc.)

Creating Data Interoperability Within a CIN

Communities worldwide are filled with hospitals, primary care offices, labs and specialty providers like cardiologists and neurologists. When communication between these organizations is lacking or missing, patient care suffers. Tangible Solutions assists CINs in creating the data interoperability needed to utilize a complete range of patient data. Leveraging our innovative Happe-Xchange, we provide digital pathways enabling medical facilities to access crucial information like medical histories, clinical labs, imaging results and more.

Our fully managed extract, transform and load (ETL) platform offers providers secure, end-to-end encryption to maintain the integrity of patient data. It acts as the main hub for all your data needs, automatically processing data to ensure the destination receives the information properly. Built-in data validation processes check that information follows established protocols to give healthcare professionals a mistake-free and accurate picture of patient records.

Once data is received, providers benefit from transparent data visualization capabilities. They have immediate access, allowing them to review data, analyze trends and formulate informed diagnostic decisions. Your network will have confidence in precise, thorough and standardized data collection, making it easy to eliminate duplicate, missing or incorrect information.

Physician Leadership

When a CIN is properly supported by technology, workflows and patient care improve, resulting in the following benefits:

  • Empower personnel to address tasks that require accurate data across multiple sources
  • Increase EHR access without compromising security
  • Maintain independence for a primary care physician or specialist
  • Adapt to and learn from changing payment models
  • Collaborate with colleagues to streamline healthcare delivery
  • Improve interoperability and create better datasets
  • Increase growth by incentivizing process improvements
  • Reduce administrative stress and expenses
Clinically Integrated Networks Acountable

Characteristics of a Meaningful Network

A successful connectivity program is crucial to creating accessible healthcare. Developing a clinically integrated network creates a way for providers with an independent practice association, as well as larger healthcare organizations, to pool knowledge, talent and health data to deliver better preventive care and more consistent patient outcomes.

Value Driven

At Tangible Solutions, we are cognizant of the fact that CINs are comprised of a variety of healthcare professionals. Our product supports each physician’s needs, providing the resources and capabilities to uphold key characteristics, including:

  • Physician leadership: Our solutions let physicians quickly share and review information, improving care coordination. This is only possible with participating providers agreeing to deliver meaningful data and engage with other practitioners wholeheartedly.
  • Accountability:We supply the tools and controls providers require to hold themselves and each other accountable. Happe-Xchange provides a framework to adhere to rules and regulations stated within the CIN agreement.
  • Proactiveness:Our electronic health record (EHR) sharing technology will save you time and money. Providers will have real-time access to patient information, enabling them to prepare and support forward-focused healthcare.
  • Evidence:This digital structure offers CINs the solutions to enhance various parts of their workflow to drive excellent performance and increase patient satisfaction. Organizations can easily take advantage of Pay-for-Performance programs like MIPS (Merit-Based Incentive Payment System).

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Why Partner with Tangible Solutions to Create a Clinically Integrated Network

Why Partner

No matter where your group falls within the healthcare continuum, you have plenty on your plate. And while CINs improve efficiency across a committed organization, the steps involved in getting one set up just add to your to-do list. At Tangible Solutions, we are the third-party partner you deserve to supply you with technology products ready to take care management and health records management off your shoulders.

We design and implement the IT solutions needed to close care gaps, reduce unnecessary tasks and improve the end-to-end patient experience. We will connect you with countless healthcare providers in your area, ensuring everyone receives the information they need to offer a high standard of care.

No matter where you are in your healthcare delivery journey or what “puzzle” pieces you still have to fill in, Tangible Solutions will plug the holes so your group can achieve CIN success.