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Hosting your own EMR in-house often keeps your staff from making more productive and fulfilling contributions to your practice and patients. Our hosting solution, Happe-MDs, offers affordable EMR hosting services to ensure it works the way it was designed to work. Better yet, Happe-MDs provides you with easy information access, anytime and anywhere. Whether you are at the office, hospital, home, or on vacation, you have full and secure access to all your electronic health records.

Full Featured Hosting Service

There are many hosting companies available to host your EMR system. However, you need to thoroughly research the options before entrusting your vital system to a hosting vendor. Our hosting solution is different. Tangible Solutions created Happe-MDs, to be a full featured hosting service exclusively for eMDs Solution Series™. Our Happe-MDs service provides you with a comprehensive healthcare information system that eliminates the challenge of hosting your own EMR. In addition, Happe-MDs was built to allow your eMDs Solution Series system to work the way it was designed. As a result, you can fax, scan, upload pictures, e-prescribe and interface with lab systems, submit to immunization registries, connect to portals, etc. seamlessly. We have been hosting eMDs software since 1999, therefore you can be sure that our knowledgeable staff is prepared to handle the installation, expansion and maintenance of your system so you can focus on your most important task–taking care of your patients! Happe-MDs provides the flexibility to access your data anywhere, any time of day. All you need is an internet connection and a PC/Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android tablet or other mobile device. So whether you are at the office, hospital, home or on vacation, you have full and secure access to your patient information!

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One big advantage of using Tangible Solutions’ hosting capabilities involves hardware and software. It was totally ready to go and there were even instructions about where to plug it in. They had thought of everything, and that was a tremendous help in recovering the ground we lost during the ill-advised switch to another service provider. There’s no doubt in my mind that, especially when you’re dealing with technology, you get what you pay for. “Tangible Solutions has proven to us once again how essential it is to have a responsive IT solutions team to support us quickly, day-in and day-out.” “Faxing prescription refills, routine lab results, requests for consults and other tasks essential to patient care is effortless.”

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Choosing a Cloud Based EMR Service Provider


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Multi-Device Support

Access your eMDs system on a desktop or laptop in your office, or on a tablet when you are on the go.

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Scan documents natively the way eMDs is designed to work.  No need for additional software.

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Send and receive faxes natively through the eMDs software interface.

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Lab Interfacing

Interface lab orders and results seamlessly into your EMR.

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VPN Free

No need for cumbersome VPN connections. Access is handled securely via the cloud.

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Available 2-factor authentication significantly reduces the chance of unauthorized access to EMR system.

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Integrated 3rd-Party Services

Enhance the functionality of your EMR system with integrated services.

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In-House Support

Our experienced in-house support staff will provide you the help you need, when you need it.

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You Own It

It is your data; we are just the custodians.  We don’t hold your data hostage if you leave.

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