Leverage Data with Happe-Xchange

You can streamline data sharing across medical facilities and obtain the valuable insights you need to aid in medical research and improvements with Happe-Xchange from Tangible Solutions. We deliver a wide range of health information technologies (IT) designed to help organizations fully leverage their patient data.

Optimize Data Sharing With Happe-Xchange

Happe-Xchange is a healthcare data sharing solution that ensures complete data interoperability by connecting care providers across the industry. Through this innovative platform, unlimited healthcare institutions and care centers can recall vital information from other hospitals and physicians at a moment’s notice while maintaining data integrity.

With Happe-Xchange, medical professionals can access vital information such as lab results, immunization records and demographic data from other clinical registries, labs or universities. This interoperability is ideal for advancing medical research, helping doctors and physicians make more informed diagnoses.

Our extract, transform and load (ETL) solution is equipped with a wide variety of features and functions:

  • Fully managed: All connections are installed and maintained for you through our fully managed platform.
  • Cloud-based: Happe-Xchange automatically moves data between different cloud storage devices.
  • Fully secured: Our platform is equipped with end-to-end data encryption.
  • XSight: Happe-Xchange comes with XSight, our integrated connection and message monitoring dashboard.
  • Multiprotocol processing: This data sharing solution can perform data processing with standards such as HL7, EDI, XLM and X12.
  • Data-mapping: Happe-Xchange can cross-convert messages with its data mapping capabilities.
  • Split Feed: Our data extraction solution employs multichannel data delivery.

Experience the Benefits of Happe-Xchange

With so many innovative capabilities and features, Happe-Xchange brings many significant advantages to healthcare facilities and providers. When you invest in our data sharing platform, you can expect to:

  • Diagnose problems: Our XSight dashboard enables users to thoroughly evaluate messages and connections and pinpoint issues before they escalate.
  • Minimize IT staff: Because Happe-Xchange is fully managed, it requires little to no IT staff to maintain it.
  • Automatically process data: Through its cross-conversion capabilities, our solution can process data automatically, ensuring the destination system receives it properly.
  • Reduce resource spending: This cloud-based platform minimizes the need to buy or maintain expensive networking equipment or hire in-house IT staff, helping your company save money.
  • Share data across networks: You can share data across various computer networks with cross-platform interoperability features.
  • Optimize data delivery: Happe-Xchange allows you to seamlessly send data to multiple destinations through a single interface.
  • Safeguard data: High level data encryption ensures secure data transactions.
  • Experience scalability: Deploying Happe-Xchange is affordable and scalable, allowing you to adjust your software capabilities based on your needs.
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Businesses That Use Happe-Xchange

Tangible is dedicated to helping you succeed, no matter your place in the healthcare industry. Happe-Xchange is designed to serve a wide range of organizations, such as:

  • Large healthcare organizations
  • Hospital groups
  • Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs)
  • Clinical Integrated Networks (CINs)
  • Health Information Exchanges (HIEs)
  • Imaging groups
  • Reference Labs
  • Medical practices of all sizes
  • Payers

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You can optimize healthcare data delivery with technologies from Tangible Solutions. We are dedicated to acting as your trusted partner for world-class products and services for the healthcare industry, delivering data integration solutions ideally suited for your individual needs.

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