Tailoring solutions to keep care flowing

Tangible Solutions leverages everyday communications systems to offer custom technology solutions that your patients will respond to and your physicians and specialists can easily use.

Using the most effective tools

Did you know that 97% of smartphone owners text on a regular basis? Patient engagement software enables practitioners to more effectively and conveniently reach out to their patients electronically in real-time, whether that is by text, email, patient portals, electronic health records or other IT solutions. Proactive patient outreach is tied to positive health outcomes, so by using these tools, everyone who comes in contact with your patient will have more opportunities to keep them engaged with their health plan.

What are the existing barriers to successful patient engagement?

Each individual responds differently depending on the patient engagement solution. Some patients prefer text, some like a voicemail, others may be okay with an email. It can be difficult to know which one will resonate. There’s also the matter of information overload, which may cause people to unplug.

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Customized to what you have in mind

It may not be the communication method that’s the problem, but the approach. Tangible doesn’t deploy one-size-fits-all solutions. We tailor the patient engagement delivery method to what you have in mind, regardless of the pain points you’re experiencing. For instance, to make last-minute check-ins more timely, we make it easier for patients to fill out the paperwork before they come in with Visit Ready. This is a component of our Happe-Engage Solution Suite, the patented platform designed to streamline and enhance the patient experience life cycle. 


Whatever the communication challenges you face – whether pre-visit or post-visit – Happe-Engage can turn your practice’s weaknesses into strengths. We do this by deploying our support and training staff to be as responsive to you as you are to your patients.

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Engaging with your patient doesn’t stop when they leave your facility. Other points of contact, like making payments, are improved with technology. By making payments easy and accessible online, you’ll see increased patient payments.

Patience Expericence

Through intelligent sourcing and collaborative research, we’ll work with you on an ongoing basis to tailor technologies that are responsive and correspond with your patients’ tech uses. Perhaps your patient has a desk job, which may mean that email is the preferred communication method. Or maybe texting is the engagement technology platform of choice for those whose jobs have them on the move.

Tangible’s Happe-Engage is designed around your patients’ preferred method of connection as well as those of your facility’s through our 360-degree patient communication delivery system. From voice to text, postage mail to email, Happe-Engage captures virtually every patient engagement method that’s out there. This makes scheduling more convenient, reduces wait times, optimizes follow-up tasks and maximizes provider productivity by keeping patients posted about their appointments in real-time around the clock.

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Receive support for your patient-engagement strategy

What if you really aren’t sure which patient engagement solution works best or will pay the most dividends?

A great start is by utilizing surveys to gain helpful insight into your patient satisfaction. This is one of the best ways to begin understanding the patient experience straight from the source. You can begin to determine your areas of strength and weakness from the patient perspective and receive feedback on treatment needs. Surveys can be administered online, over the phone or even through snail mail – really wherever and however your patients are most likely to engage with them. Once you begin to understand where your patient engagement strategy needs work, you can look for solutions.

Tangible Solutions Can Develop

Tangible Solutions can develop a patient engagement solution so it is in line with your IT framework and patients’ accessibility.

We do this by drawing on real-time analytics and asking the key questions that other technology vendors don’t. For instance, what are your overarching goals for your patient engagement solution? Is it to schedule in-office visits? Are you trying to streamline scheduling? Perhaps the office is getting backed up too frequently and you need to reduce wait times.

Whatever your aim, and whatever communication method works best for you – from online scheduling to automated rescheduling – Tangible Solutions can provide the tech tools and engagement technology you need to not just reach your patient satisfaction goals, but surpass them.

We’ll Deliver the Engagement Solutions that Your Practice and Your Patients Will Love.