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Whether you are a single provider practice, a self-funded organization looking to create a narrow network or CIN, or you are leading a team responsible for developing a data strategy that supports a network of systems, Bruce has the experience and knowledge to guide you to success. For over 20 years, Bruce has designed and implemented all the products and services Tangible Solutions offers. He is uniquely qualified to take you through a consultative process that helps you break down the parts and pieces necessary to arrive at a solution perfectly tailored to your needs. Whether you are beginning your research of options that support your organization, healthcare entity or community; or you have specific questions, give Bruce a call to help get started.

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CIN’s and tools to ensure a successful care path for patients.


Population Health and the tools for tracking.

Care coordination and Patient Engagement for the best outcomes

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The Importance Of Data Library In Healthcare

The Importance of a Data Library in Healthcare

The healthcare industry generates an incredible amount of data — almost a third of the entire world’s data volume — but the field is always changing. From new technologies to new health concerns, medical organizations need sophisticated data management tools to help make sense of it all. To get there, they rely on data libraries.

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CINs: Debunking Some Myths About Them

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We offer a Range of Solutions for Medical Practices as Well as Those That Serve Them.

Clinically Integrated Networks

Clinically Integrated Networks

Enabling coordinated, ongoing care between providers, hospitals and other care providers for the population of patients they serve.

Integration As A Services


Healthcare data interoperability solutions that make sharing data easier, safe, and effective.

Patient Engagement (1)

Patient Engagement

Tailoring solutions to keep care flowing by leveraging everyday communication systems to offer custom technology solutions that your patients will respond to and your physicians and specialists can easily use.

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