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Interfaces with your labs or other vendors is important but integration as a healthcare entity today is critical. Johnna’s experience with radiology information systems, lab information systems,  hospital information systems, PMs, EMRs and more is a huge asset for you as you consider your next integration project. Johnna’s healthcare experience, knowledge of Integration as a Service, healthcare systems and her ability to quickly help organize and simplify integration projects will be music to your ears as you try and put shape around integrating with your community. Here are some of the hot topics Johnna is working on today give her a call today to discuss your project:

Trending Topics

Automating and reconciling orders and results with your reference lab.

Delivering results directly into the patient chart of your referring physicians’ EMR.

Building a data strategy…it’s the first step in a cost effective integration plan.

Using a data hub for exchanging data between your system and others.

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We offer a Range of Solutions for Medical Practices as Well as Those That Serve Them.

Integration As A Services


Healthcare data interoperability solutions that make sharing data easier, safe, and effective.

Clinically Integrated Networks

Clinically Integrated Networks

Enabling coordinated, ongoing care between providers, hospitals and other care providers for the population of patients they serve.


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