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Whether you are part of a self-funded organization looking to create a narrow network or CIN, or you are leading a team responsible for developing a data strategy that supports a network of systems serving HIEs, ACOs or a CIN, or you are a hospital looking to get a better handle on your data for quality reporting, Paul is a great place to start.  For nine years at Tangible Solutions, Paul has been involved with implementing all of the products and services that Tangible Solutions offers. Let Paul take you through a consultative process that helps you break down the parts and pieces necessary to build a solid data strategy. Maybe you are just beginning to research options that support your organization, healthcare entity or community; or you have specific questions about CIN’s, HIE’s, ACO’s or narrow networks…either way, give Paul a call to help you get started.

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We offer a Range of Solutions for Medical Practices as Well as Those That Serve Them.

Clinically Integrated Networks

Clinically Integrated Networks

Enabling coordinated, ongoing care between providers, hospitals and other care providers for the population of patients they serve.

Integration As A Services


Healthcare data interoperability solutions that make sharing data easier, safe, and effective.

Quality Reporting

Quality Reporting

Quality reporting in healthcare can be the foundation of both a solid business plan and a commitment to better patient care.

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