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Montez Mangels

Montez Mangels

Montez has been with Tangible Solutions since 2011. She attended Central Piedmont Community College and earned an Implementation Manager Certificate. Prior to joining Tangible, she worked in a medical practice as a Medical Assistant and Practice Coordinator. She has brought that wealth of experience and knowledge to our support and projects teams. Montez enjoys spending time with her husband, children, family and friends. Montez also enjoys traveling, gardening and spending time on the lake.

Steven L Round 128

Steven Lee

As a University of Michigan graduate, Steven has brought his passion for computers to the Tangible family and has been with us since January 2020. Shadowing Neil Kornhauser and others, Steven continues striving to learn more about IT infrastructure, networking, and datacenter management. He enjoys a good game of tennis and has recently taken up photography as well.


Neil K

Neil Kornhauser

Neil joined the Tangible Solutions team in 2005 to provide customer support and help with systems administration. Today, he oversees datacenter operations as well as mentoring other staff members while providing customer support as needed.  A 1995 graduate from UNCC, he has two grown boys and currently lives just south of Charlotte in Fort Mill, SC with his wife and two rescued dogs.  In his spare time, Neil enjoys DIY projects around the house and spending time in the mountains or at the beach.

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iPaaS in Healthcare can greatly improve the overall success of your healthcare organization.

8 Benefits of iPaaS in Healthcare

How iPaaS in healthcare helps to improve the patient experience, the quality of care, and more.

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CIN connectivity  in health care.

CIN Connectivity – Key points to know

Technology has made CIN connectivity even more possible. Asking the following questions while developing your program is a good place to start.

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Standards in data sharing in health care settings will come with its complexities.

USCDI Standardization – The reality of healthcare data connectivity…

As technology evolves, access to data transparency as well as placing the power of information with patients is key. The latest edition of USCDI is designed to provide standards for data sharing, however there will still likely be some costs associated with providing or receiving data.

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The Importance Of Data Library In Healthcare

The Importance of a Data Library in Healthcare

The healthcare industry generates an incredible amount of data — almost a third of the entire world’s data volume — but the field is always changing. From new technologies to new health concerns, medical organizations need sophisticated data management tools to help make sense of it all. To get there, they rely on data libraries.

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Etl In Healthcare

ETL in Healthcare

Today’s healthcare landscape often runs on an array of disparate programs, all constantly collecting data — but this approach is at odds with the industry’s need for data centralization, artificial intelligence and modern technological solutions.

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Why Cybersecurity Is So Critical For Healthcare Data

Cybersecurity threats are on the rise, and healthcare organizations as well as associated vendors are among the most targeted types of databases.

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2015 Cures Update – FIGmd – FIGmd – Pegasus Quality Platform 2.0
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