Healthcare Data Integration With Tangible Solutions

Who is Tangible Solutions? We are a healthcare information technology team with extensive experience in both ambulatory care and healthcare data integration, dedicated to offering world-class products, service and support to organizations across the healthcare industry.

Every day, we work to prove our value as a trusted partner by delivering the right data integration solution for your specific needs. This means being innovators at the leading edge of healthcare technology and integration, both creating and giving you the tools you need to succeed.

Why is Data Integration so Important in Healthcare?

Data storage, data sharing, data management and data analytics are all critical parts of any successful healthcare organization. Your healthcare integration must provide both security and ease of data exchange, complying with regulatory protocols and contributing to the achievement of value-based care. Clinical data integration helps streamline workflows, while electronic health record (EHR) interoperability facilitates better communication between patient care teams.

We Deliver Leading Edge Health IT

At Tangible, we specialize in working with medical practices and other related service and care providers, as well as healthcare organizations spanning large geographic areas to build clinically integrated networks.

You need ways to efficiently and securely handle raw data collection, warehousing and transformation, as well as the sharing of medical data between various systems. Our health IT offerings facilitate smoother physician and laboratory workflows, improved patient outcomes and increased revenues

Meeting the Healthcare Data Integration Challenge

Our offerings range from specific products designed for narrow use cases to broad-reaching integrations that can help you leverage your patient data to the fullest.


Clinical Icon

Clinically Integrated Networks

We provide comprehensive solutions for enabling coordinated, ongoing care between all healthcare professionals within a CIN.

Quality Reporting Icon

Quality Reporting

Discover powerfully simple data analytics and actionable insights for achieving maximum incentives and improved workflows.


integration Platform as a Service

Robust healthcare data interoperability solutions that make sharing medical record data easier, safer, and faster.

Patient Engagement Icon

Patient Engagement

Enjoy a comprehensive suite of tools that keep your patients engaged before, during and after their office visit.

Cloud Services Icon

Cloud Services

Remove the acquisition, maintenance and expense of hosting your own EMR for enhanced cost savings and heightened data security.

Vpn Free Icon

Healthcare Application Ecosystem

Learn how a hub for integrating and offering third-party healthcare IT solutions can transform how you manage healthcare data.

Healthcare data integration

Why Choose Tangible?

For more than a quarter-century, we have served a broad array of healthcare organizations. Our clients span a wide range within the healthcare sector – from a single-provider medical practice to regional clinical integrated networks to large national lab companies.

Our experience and expertise benefit the smallest of practices and the largest of organizations equally. We do not look to use a one-size-fits-all approach, but a sized-right solution, identifying the data integration tool you need to solve your problem, instead of trying to fit your problem into our solution.

Whether your focus is on a specific population healthcare delivery system, or you are trying to facilitate more efficient data exchange between diverse electronic health record databases, we can help. Providing our experience and expertise to help you find the right health data integration solution and achieve maximum success as healthcare providers is our goal.


The feedback I’ve heard from our physician practice partners has been that Tangible Solutions is superb. They are amazed that Tangible has never balked at meeting their individual needs. Instead of saying, ‘Sorry, this is all we do,’ they say ‘Just tell us what you need. We’ll make this connection work, no matter what.’

Caroline Reich
VIA-Women’s LLC

Tangible Solutions has proven to us once again how essential it is to have a responsive IT solutions team to support us quickly, day-in and day-out. They made our transition back so seamless—it’s like we never left. And now that we’re back with Tangible Solutions, everything is smooth sailing.

Daria Lasala
Office Manager, Tanque Verde Internal Medicine

We are a small office and I do not have time to sit on the phone on hold for a long time.  Tangible has always responded to any issues in a friendly and timely manner.  And most recently when I call with off the wall questions that Steven and Adonis are not familiar with, they are always quick to find an answer for me.  I could not get through our technical difficulties without Tangible Solutions.  Thank you Montez, Lisa, Sara, Steven, Adonis, and Lynn for being there for us!!!

Catherine Smith
Office Manager for Jeffrey P Schyberg, MD

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