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Industry Articles

The Value of Having The Right Tools, Advice & Support

High Volume Pediatric Clinic Appreciates The Value of Having The Right Tools, Advice, and Support...

With The Right Support Partner, Registry Anxiety Vanishes

  Before she came on board as office manager for University Medical Associates of Aiken, Jessee...

What practices need to know about MIPS and reporting through an ACO

Practices that fail to submit the proper reporting data to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services by the end of the year could face significant financial consequences.

MIPS Reporting Made Less Stressful

Keeping up with changes in healthcare reporting can be a challenge. Trying to do it without help...

Lab orders, lab results: Why bi-directional orders management matters

When physicians, lab technicians and administrators can share information across organizations, the likelihood of valuable health outcomes increases.

Patient engagement strategies that will transform your practice

Engaged patients are more likely to keep appointments and take an active role in their personal health.

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Tangible Solutions Offers a Range of Solutions For Medical Practices and Healthcare IT Service Providers Alike.


Tangible Patient Engagement Solutions

Patient Engagement

Having up-to-date electronic health records across settings of care also helps patients stay informed and engaged.

Tangible Patient Engagement Solutions

MIPS Reporting

Powerfully simple reporting tool that provides the information you need to receive full MIPS/MACRA incentives as well as helping you improve workflow.

Tangible Integration as a Service Solutions


Healthcare data interoperability solutions that make sharing data easier, safe, and effective.

Tangible Collaborative Community Care

Collaborative Community Care

Enabling coordinated, ongoing care between providers, hospitals and other care providers for the population of patients they serve.

Tangible Patient Engagement Solutions

Cloud Services

Removing the worry and expense of hosting your EMR in house.

Tangible Healthcare Application EcoSystem

Healthcare Application EcoSystem

The cornerstone of delivering a better patient experience.

What our Customers Say

We want to provide smaller practices the same opportunities that exist for large practices.

If I decided to close my billing service and go work as a consultant for someone, they are the only company I would want to work for. The way their business model is set up and the way they care about customers makes Tangible Solutions truly unique.

Twila Gibson

Billing Manager, Advanced Radiology

With Tangible providing our hosting solution, updates are so easy, and I never face extra hours or surprising inconveniences. Working with them is amazing.

Julie Brown

Office Manager, Renal Physicians of Montgomery County

The feedback I’ve heard from our physician practice partners has been that Tangible Solutions is superb. They are amazed that Tangible has never balked at meeting their individual needs. Instead of saying, ‘Sorry, this is all we do,’ they say ‘Just tell us what you need. We’ll make this connection work, no matter what.’

Dr. Caroline Reich

President and Founder, Women’s Imaging Associates

Tangible Solutions has proven to us once again how essential it is to have a responsive IT solutions team to support us quickly, day-in and day-out. They made our transition back so seamless—it’s like we never left. And now that we’re back with Tangible Solutions, everything is smooth sailing.

Daria Lasala

Office Manager, Tanque Verde Internal Medicine

For the Physician


Tangible Solutions helps you optimize your time with patients by simplifying the task of record keeping. Whether we install a new electronic health records (EHR) system or enable your existing system to be more versatile, Tangible can make exchanging data with users and generators of patient records simple, secure and thorough—with other healthcare providers, labs, government requirements, meaningful use, billing centers, data hosting and even the patient portals. No more forms, faxes or phone calls.

Tangible Healthcare Information Exchange Simplified
Tangible Healthcare Information Exchange Simplified

For the Healthcare Industry

The seamless way to make your systems sing in harmony with others in the marketplace.

Our core capabilities center on electronic health record integration and information exchange (XTI). Tangible Solutions partners with a broad spectrum of suppliers of healthcare equipment, systems, software, labs and government agencies to provide data exchange services that are seamless and secure. By developing interface programs tailored to your customers’ needs, we can enable your systems to integrate seamlessly with other suppliers, manufacturers, institutions and EMRs. Whatever the communication protocol/format, Tangible can teach it to speak user and customer satisfaction.

Let us enhance the functionality of your healthcare IT systems.

We’re always here to answer questions, solve problems, and prevent the headaches that are often side effects of our information-centric workplaces. Please get in touch.